Ideal for:

  • Provide Cleanest and
    Healthiest living conditions for tenants
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Maintaining Individual Units
  • Emergency Response
  • Turn over preparation
  • Coordination with HVAC systems
  • Healthy Buildings
  • Prevention- Reducing Risk, Managing Liability

Cleaning for Health

Whether a large apartment building, a multi- level office building, a warehouse or anything in between; a major commonality is exposure to a continuous source of contaminants including bacteria, viruses and mold. Ineffective remediation and/or cleaning practices lead to an increase of contaminants and the risk of sickness from common germs increases. Deep cleaning treatments that effectively remove contaminants from both air and surface allow occupants to be healthy comfortable and safe. Today’s technology affords us the ability to offer solutions that are non-toxic and green further reinforcing occupant health.

Why Building Managers & Maintenance Departments Love Our Services

Peace of mind is invaluable. Working with an experienced environmental remediation company provides confidence that effective work will be achieved and building occupants will be protected. With experience in servicing properties throughout the five Boroughs and Long Island in areas including: Mold Abatement, HVAC Mechanical Equipment Mold Abatement, Green Cleaning, Building Material Antimicrobial Applications, Insulation Removal and Re-Insulation projects and following specs from Healthy Buildings in order to rectify indoor air quality problems, quality work is assured.

Maintaining indoor health is crucial to reducing risk and managing liability as well as preventing larger scale issues to arise. Proactive prevention efforts are ideal and more cost effective in the long run. Convenient Last Minute and Emergency Clean up services assist when unplanned situations occur ceasing need for worry. We are a resource that is available to help provide these essential environmental remediation solutions.