Every component of our services will improve indoor air quality. Upgrade the level of hygiene in your home or facility today with continuous solutions for cleaner and healthier environments. Contact us for more information on the following proactive solutions:

·Air Purication Units available up to 1500ft of Coverage

·Air Purication Units available up to 3000ft of Coverage

·HVAC Air Purication Systems – purifies entire home, extremely low maintenance

Comprehensive Air Purification

Clean air and surfaces are essential and serve as a vital connection to a better quality of life. Our air purification system provides the most advanced and elite air purification solutions available. BioProtection Services of NY is proud to offer a full system of proactive air and surface purification solutions for your home, business and most importantly those who live and work in these spaces every day. The products that we use have been proven and validated as some of the most effective on the market at reducing air and surface contaminants that can be dangerous to humans and animals. These products work to disinfect the air by eliminating airborne pathogens and trap particles before they enter the indoor environment. This comprehensive system creates the healthiest indoor environment possible. We help our customers understand everyday challenges and provide options for creating safer, healthier and cleaner environments.