Mold is a serious health hazard in the indoor environment, as it produces allergens, irritants, and in some cases, toxic substances. Further, mold can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma in vulnerable and allergic populations. Therefore, preventing and eliminating mold problems is a crucial part of ensuing quality indoor environments.

Preventing water infiltration, controlling humidity and providing good housekeeping practices can help prevent the growth of mold in living spaces. When mold has began to grow the steps to remove and prevent it from spreading are critical to the success of the removal and re-growth process. Mold causes health issues, discomfort, property damage and liability. Handling mold professionally gives you the ability to confidently solve mold issues.

There are procedures to be followed and precautions to be taken when performing mold abatement activities. During our initial visit our technicians search, analyze and discover the reasons why mold is growing. Our technicians will give suggestions to fix the moisture problem. The source of the moisture must be located and eliminated in order to ensure that new mold issues will not occur after our treatment. Once the source of moisture has been removed our trained, licensed technicians abate the mold.

Our solutions not only remove the mold but also inhibit future mold re-growth problems. BioProtection Services of New York also offers air purification systems that ionize and kill mold spores in the air and on the surfaces. This prevents the spread of mold to other mold free areas of the indoor environment. Our solutions are safe, effective, proven and efficient. Our solutions will help restore the indoor environment back to a healthy state. Our products not only eliminate the mold but the odors associated with them as well.

It is important to take precautions to limit your exposure to mold and mold spores. When mold is present within the environment you can be confident our staff has the abilities to provide mold abatement and prevention solutions. Our team at BioProtection Services of New York has over 20 years of combined mold work and is ready to assist you with your mold problems.