With an increasing emphasis on comfort and on the potential hazards of airborne contaminants, many people are demanding better smelling homes, offices, recreational spaces and vehicles. Most are concerned not just about the discomfort associated with “bad” smells but also about their health. The deodorizers and air fresheners used today are not government regulated nor are they required by law to perform as advertised. Many deodorizers marketed to consumers are simply ineffective. However, there are highly effective deodorizing systems available to solve odor problems.

An odor is a chemical in the air that is “smelled” or sensed by our nose (olfactory system). Odors can be both pleasant and unpleasant. Just because something smells bad does not mean it’s harmful. However, don’t be fooled, some products may smell good, but can affect your health negatively at the same time. Effects from exposure to chemical odors can be an immediate health threat, a long-term threat, or may pose no health threat at all and may only be uncomfortable. Getting sick from chemical odors will depend on what you are exposed to, how much you are exposed to, how long you are exposed, how often you are exposed and your individual sensitivity to the odor.

Odors must be understood before they can be controlled. Odors come from many sources including smoke, urine, pet odor, decaying animals and materials, moisture, cleaning products, microbial contamination and building products. Odors are a standard indication of a problem and they are essentially warning signs to potential risks to human health. There are numerous techniques that are applied to control and eliminate odors. Several options for treatment are available including the use of Adsorbents, Neutralization, Oxidation, Biocides, Counteraction, Masking and Bioenzymatic digestion. One product or system may not necessarily resolve every odor problem that is encountered. Successfully solving odor problems requires knowledge, as well as the proper tools and equipment for a variety of different procedures. Our team has the knowledge and ability to handle simple and complex odor issues. The deodorization procedures, equipment and products are chose with safety, health and effectiveness in mind. Our field personnel are aware that deodorization precautions need to be followed on every job, big or small. During the jobsite visit we customize the deodorization plan and evaluate any potential hazards. We take pride in returning the indoor space back to a comfortable and healthy state.

As with any endeavor, the success you enjoy will be directly related to the quality of tools and products you use.